Wu Zunmin

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Wu Zunmin

Ph.D. Professor

Researcher of The National Institute of Schooling Reform and Development


E-mail: zmwu@dedu.ecnu.edu.cn

Address: 11th Floor, Liberal Arts Building, Department of Education, East China Normal University, No.3663 North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, 20062, P.R. China.

Academic Employment

  •  Deputy director of Lifelong Education and Learning Committee of Chinese Educational Strategy Society

  •  Adjunct professor of Chinese Educational Policy Academy

  •  Director of Lifelong Education Research Center, East China Normal University

  •  Vice president of Europe and America fellow-students association, East China Normal University

  •  Vice Chairman and secretary general of Returnees Association, East China Normal University

  •  Lifelong education Legislative Counsel of People's Congress, Fujian Provincial

  •  Members of the drafting group for Shanghai lifelong education legislation and medium, long-term education plan

  •  Council member of Shanghai Community Education Association and Secretary General of Academic Work Commission

  •  Distinguished Research Fellow of Shanghai learning promotion community work committee

Academic Communication

  • Attend in the Sixth East Asia International Teacher Education Conference in Seoul, Korea, and give speech, June 2011.

  • Attend the China education policy institute education policy research conference in Beijing, give the national medium and long-term program for education reform and development and the long-term program for education reform and development of Shanghai the comparison of the keynote speech, July 2010.

  • Take part in the Sixth Sino-Japan Teacher Education Seminar in University of Hong Kong, July 2004.

  • Take part in “Children and Development” International Seminar held by Kobe University, Japan, Oct. 2002.

  • Take part in the Sino-Japan Modern Urban Construction and Development Seminar in Yokohama National University, Feb. 2007.

  • A visiting scholar for Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe of Japan for Education Observation, July 2002.

  • A visiting scholar for Kobe University, Japan, PhD and Master in Education, from Oct. 1990 to May 2001.

Courses Offered

  • Principles of Education

  • Education Policy

  • Education Law

  • Selective Readings for Foreign Educational Classics

  • Lifelong Education Theory and Practice

  • Thought and Theory of Contemporary International Education

  • Community Education and Learning Society Theory Research

Selected Publications


  • Wu, Z.M. (2015). The Theory of Basic Education Equity. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.

  • Wu, Z.M. (2014). The Theory of out-of-school Education: the Way and System of out-of-school Quality-oriented Education Research. Shanghai: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press.

  • Wu, Z.M. (2010). Introduction to Education Policy. Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House.

  • Wu Z.M. (2010) Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy Committee for Lifelong Education research. China Lifelong Education Blue Book (2010). Beijing: Modern Press.

  • Wu Z.M. (2010) Research Group of Construction of Learning Society. Theory and Practice of the Construction of Learning Society. Beijing: Higher Education Press.

  • Wu Z.M. (2004). “Learning Society” under the Background of Globalization and Basic Education Reform Education. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.

  • Wu Z.M. (2004). “New Basic Education” School Reform Research Report. Beijing: China Light Industry Press.

  • Wu Z.M.& Suemoto. Makoto (2003).Contemporary Community Education Vision. Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House.


  • Wu, Z.M. (2017). A Review of Theoretical Framework of Inquiry Community and its Implication to Online Teaching, Life-long Education Research, (1).

  • Wu, Z.M. (2017). A Policy-based Study on Community School Development: A Case Study on Community Schools in Shanghai. Life-long Education Research,(2).

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  • Wu, Z.M. (2016). On Experience of the Chinese Life-long Education Development: Historical Retrospect and Prospect of Life-long Education in the 37 Years of Reform and Opening up, Journal of Jiangsu Radio &Television University ,(1).

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  • Wu, Z.M. (2014). Why Is It so Difficult to Legislate National Lifelong Education in China? The Legislative Ideology and Framework of National Lifelong Education Law in China.Open Education Research, (6).

  • Wu, Z.M.(2013).Will the Adult Education in China End: The Crisis and Challenges Faced in the New PeriodOpen Education Research,(2).

Research Projects

  • Shanghai Municipal People's Government Decision-makingConsultation Research Project: Social Psychological Factors and Policy Adjustment of Learning Expectation Research.

  • General Project of Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science “the 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up ,the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of China, the 100th Anniversary of the Party' Building”Series Research:China’s Experience in the Development of Lifelong Education——Historical review and outlook of lifelong education while the Reform and Opening-up has lasted forty years.,2017

  • Host of the national education science focus bidding 12thFive-Year Plan 'research of the way and system of building China life-long education system' In 2015.

  • Host of the Shanghai institute of education for life Key Project “under the Background of TV University Transformation Create New Community College Research”.

  • Take part in the Ministry of Education and China high education institute 12th Five-Year Education Scientific Planning Project “the Feasibility Study of Relying on the Self-study Exam System Transformation to Build National Credit Bank”.

  • Cross-sectional Research Commissioned by Civilization Office “the Annual Report of Community Education Development in2012”.

  • Host of the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Key Research Base Key Project “Basic Education Fairness and Balance Policy Research under Vision of Harmonious Society”.

  • Shanghai Decision Advisory Committee Authorized Project “Harmonious Society and Harmonious Education Research” in 2007.

  • Shanghai Education Science Research Planning Project “Regional Youth Extracurricular Quality-oriented Education Activity Innovative Practice Research” from 2006 to 2008.


  • The Theory of Basic Education Equity, awarded Shanghai the 13th session of philosophy and social science 2nd Prize, 2016;

  • Restore the Soul of Education, awarded Shanghai the 12th session of philosophy and social science 2nd Prize, 2014;

  • Gold Award Nomination of Third Term of Qian Xuesen Urbanology (education city), 2013.

  • Basic Education Decision-making Theory, awarded the Ministry of Education Fourth National Educational Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award 2nd Prize, 2011.

  • On the Practice of Lifelong Education, awarded Shanghai 10thEducationScienceResearchOutstanding Achievement Award 2nd Prize (Educational Theory Innovation Award), 2011.

  • Modern China Lifelong Education Theory, awarded Shanghai 10th Education Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award 3rd Prize (Educational Theory Innovation Award), 2005.

  • On Harmonic Society and Harmonic Education, awarded Shanghai “Building Socialism Harmonic Society” Essay Competition 3rd Prize, 2005.